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The restaurant SHOGUN in Boston


When I was in Boston, I often went to a Japanese restaurant in Boston. There were many Japanese restaurants in Boston but the one called “SHOGUN” was not same as other restaurant, I was really impressed. We went there as a class. Taste, looks, service and atmosphere were all different from other Japanese restaurants in Boston. I met a Japanese woman who works there, her name is Hidemi. When I went there, she told us a lot of good stories. When she was young she came to America in 1971. At that time study abroad was uncommon in japan. It took her 6 days to come here by ship, not airplane. I was really surprised by that. She studied hard when she came to America, always reading dictionary or advertisement to study. She gave us good information like how to get a job, how to study or use English and what we need in the future. I was influenced by Ms. Hidemi’s story at that time, I thought that I should appreciate that I could study abroad in America and have a really precious time in Boston.