The LOVE exhibition at ROPPONGI

THIS IS FOR ALL YOU ART LOVERS OUT THERE. Recently, the Love exhibition is held in Mori museum for THE 10th anniversary from April 26th to September 1st. I sometimes feel bored to only see paintings in a museum, but the Love exhibition is modern art. So, if you are not interested in arts, you can enjoy the new arts with perception, both seeing and hearing. There are about 200 paintings.I actually went there and enjoyed seeing new kind of arts. This photo is an exhibition of Yayoi Kusano. You can take a    picture like me. In addition, I could use my student card for discounted fee. So, it’s good for students. I recommend YOU to go to see it before September 1st!! You can feel a lot of LOVE throughout the art! 2013-04-28-15-23-13_photo