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Les Miserables

Have you seen the movie or the stage of Les Miserables?

I watched both of them! At first, I watched it in Boston during studying abroad. Of course it had no subtitles so I could


understand the whole content only about 50 percent. However I already had learned the meaning of some songs which are sung in the movie in class. Therefore I could understand the scenes, and also each actor fitted their role perfectly and their singing voices were wonderful.. I don’t know how many times I cried. Even though I couldn’t get enough to understand the whole story, I was really impressed. After I came back to Japan, I went to watch it with subtitles. (yay!) Then I noticed I had misunderstood some and finally I could understand clearly. In May, I went to a theater and watched the stage of it. I felt different force from the movie and the live singing voices were fantastic! However I felt like some actors aren’t suitable for their role and the stage is too small to perform..

I prefer the movie to the stage but the favorite should be separated by the people. I like the cast and direction of the movie. If you’re interested, check both of them out!