Keith Jarrett


81d1ypnIw0L__SL290_I like jazz music because my father always listens to a lot of jazz music. One of my favorite jazz musicians is Keith Jarrett. He is known as a jazz pianist but he play a variety of genre of music. His performance is very unique. For example, he bows down and says something when he plays piano.


In 1978, he came to Japan and held solo concert in Nihonbudokan. It was a special concert as a jazz pianist. He has held more than 165 concerts in Japan.


I would like to introduce one music he played. That is “Over the rainbow”. The sound is very beautiful and his arrangement is great.  I was impressed by his sound and I felt really relaxed. Even thought you are not interested in jazz music, his performance will attract you. I recommend you to listen to this music when you neeed healing.




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I have listened to Concert at Kohln many times. He plays the piano beautifully, and brings out a lot of emotions.

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