Food and Drink

Japanese bars with unique theme


tp_mRecently there are many kinds of the unique bars in Japan. It’s kind of the trend among the Japanese university students. Let me introduce one of them because I went there a few days ago and it was so interesting for me. The name of it is “The Lock Up”. (video)

The model of this bar is a haunted house.

There is unique menu related to the haunted house and an event in this bar.


Suddenly the lights are turned off and monsters which are the stuff of this bar come to us and frighten us. You can enjoy not only food and drink but also the atmosphere and the event as well.

In conclusion, I think bar is not the only place to enjoy the meal and drink as a trend. Through enjoying the different atmosphere and a unique world view of this bar, we can feel the extraordinary. Feeling the extraordinary is good for refreshment. There are bars which modeled school, game, ninja and so on.

Why don’t you find the bar that suit your taste.