Great Barrier Reef in Australia


Most divers are eager to go to the Great Barrier Reef located in the northeast of Australia. Blue sky and ocean are spreading all around. It’s the biggest coral reef in the world.  It is composed of over 2900 individual reefs and 900 islands and it stretches for 2000 kilometers. 400 kinds of corals, 4000 kinds of shells and 240 kinds of birds live in the Great Barrier Reef.  In 1981 it was registered as a world heritage. 20 islands around the reefs became resort areas. We can enjoy a beautiful view, cruising and diving.

Unfortunately, because of global warming, many corals are dying. Rise of the temperature damages corals. We have responsibility to protect such a beautiful view. I really want to go there after I get a diving license because I love ocean and swimming. If I have a diving license, I will go diving around the world. I hope I will see the beautiful coral reef. More information at Unesco.