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About Off campus classes in Boston.

Blog1Last year I took fall classes at Boston College. As everyone knows, BC has very good and very huge campus more than Showa Tokyo in Japan. I like BC’s school building because these are like castles. My class was learning about Introduction to Organizational Behavior/Communication. This class focuses on the human aspects of management. We started with the individual, move to interpersonal communication and group behavior, discuss organizational culture and also leadership. I had learned about what is an ideal leader of group and how is the difference between American organization and Japanese organization. I was interested in those topics and in the future, I’ll use technics which learn from this class. This class had so many group work and discussions. The last off-campus class of spring was lecture. The lectures were pretty difficult for me because professors talk speed was really first. I often couldn’t understand what he said. My professor was very kind and he can speak Japanese little bit. He could understand about ours and he often spoke to us during discussion then he gave us easier question sometime. This class was also difficult because of group work and discussion. I couldn’t join them during group work. It makes me so nervous and stressful every time. It was good experience but it was too embarrass time. I had a class every Monday once a week. The last off-campus class of spring was little hard because I had class twice of week it was very busy. My first day was really awful because I was very nerves then I couldn’t talk with students so much. I regret about that now. I just talked with the guy who works at Business Company. He was really kind and he could understand we can’t speak English fluently and we are still learning English. I should have talked with more other students. American students don’t sleep during class, they were taking notes a lot and they asked questions. We had many discussions so during discuss, many people speak up and they said own opinion every time. Those opinions were very interesting and creatively. Some student said joke then he makes good mode of class. That’s very American. Everybody has strong opinion. These are really different with Japanese students. I think most American college students are very hard workers with good behavior. They ask so many questions to professor and they talked each other even they don’t know each other so much. I like these styles. I could learn good American student style and class style. This class was pretty hard for me but I could get good experience. I would like to use those good experiences in my school life.