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Free Wifi at Starbucks Japan

When I lived in Boston, I was surprised at many free wifi spots in the city, for example, at Starbucks.   But as you know,it’s hard to find free wifi in Tokyo, Japan . I guess one reason Tokyo does’t have free wifi spots is because land is so expensive.  Owners at cafes get worried that customers would stay all day buying just one coffee if there is free wifi.  Actually there are paid wifi spots everywhere in Tokyo, however people don’t buy much.  I don’t want to pay for 30 minutes or 1 hour for wifi.  However finally Starbucks Japan has started to have Free Wi-Fi !!! yeah!!
Everyone in Japan has waited for this day for ages..  Starbucks in Japan completely distinguishs itself from its competitors!
I am not going to pay for other kinds of coffee, I only pay for Starbucks coffee!! I love you, Starbucks.
By SWU Rocks