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Hey,let’s get a suntan ;-)

I wanted to eat outside for lunch and enjoy with friends, but they said “let’s go inside. The sun is too strong!”

 In Japan, girls avoid getting a suntan. They always try to keep their skin white. I watched a presentation by a guy who works for Shiseido which is one of the biggest cosmetic companies in Japan. He said that girls in Japan worry the most in the world about their skin. According to the guy, on average, Japanese people take 1.5 showers a day.
When you go to drugstores you will see advertisements for UV reduction or for keeping your skin clear and white. In the city, you will see that girls use umbrellas on sunny days. My mum and sister also care a lot about their skin. They spend a lot of money on these products. My friends too! Before I went to the US, I thought this was the same everywhere but when I was in the US my American friends loved getting tanned. Apparently in France, getting a tan shows that you had a good vacation! I love getting suntan. I think it is cute. But I can say I am lazy about skin care. I don’t buy expensive creams or use an umbrella in the summer.  So please, everybody come and hang out with me outside this
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