Support Martha by taking pictures of your lunch

BoingBoing has a very interesting story about Martha, a 9-year-old girl in a small town in Scotland. She started to take pictures of her school lunch and write comments about it. Suddenly, millions of people were followingeach day’s picture because the lunches were so terrible. She even started collecting money to build a kitchen for poor people in Malawi.

One of martha's recent lunches. Go to her site and read. Then contribute.
One of martha’s recent lunches. Go to her site and read. Then contribute.


This is a perfect example of the power of blogs. Even a small girl can have a world-wide impact. The school where she goes is very supportive. But  the city council told her to stop taking pictures, then decided they were wrong about that.

If any students here at Showa are interested in posting articles for this blog, you too might do some good, and learn how to use the Internet for good things. Like Martha.

See me if you have a picture of a lunch you just ate.

Another Starbucks story

Read this article. Are you using your own mug or tumbler when you go to Starbucks? I guess that many people care about environment even if they don’t try to do something about it.  Eco (Go Green) is a kind of trend  in Japan and I guess other countries too.  Starbucks in Japan sells so many kinds of cute and cool mugs and tumblers which girls really like.  I have actually bought two tumblers for fun.  But I realized that washing tumblers every time is so annoying and they sometimes get mouldy.  I don’t use them at all now.  They are just there for decoration in my room.  Like this article says, what it would happen if Starbucks made us bring our own mugs?  I am a huge fan of Starbucks, so I have definitely wasted a lot of plastic and paper L but even so, I can’t bring myself to wash my Starbucks tumblers. I think I’m not the only one with this problem.

By SWU Rocks

I wonder how much money I’ve spent on coffee until now…

I love Starbucks. I go there more than three times a week to have coffee with friends. I also like the food there. If you stop and think about the price of coffee, it is kind of expensive but Starbucks is much more than a coffee shop! I heard that, as a company, Starbucks focuses on the atmosphere and the “cafe experience” to distinguish itself from its competitors. I think that is why I like it so much! You can study, chill out and enjoy your time at Starbucks. Video about Starbucks at CNN.




By SWU Rocks

Amazon Awesome

Have you  bought something from Amazon? Amazon is a big market. I use Amazon a lot. I am a student. My professors require me to buy textbooks which are so expensive so I try to find them from Amazon first because they have discounted textbooks. Many of my friends do the same thing. Amazon are smart. Amazon always think 10 years ahead. Amazon has everything. Books, cosmetics, coffee makers and so on. Everyone trusts Amazon and delivery is free. If you register your account you can get what you want easily. They even have a One Click Buy service. I heard that Apple also uses this service and pays Amazon for each purchase because Amazon invented it. Video of Amazon at CNN.


By SWU Rocks

Careful of that suntan

Truck Driver gets sun on one side of his face for years.
Truck Driver gets sun on one side of his face for years.

SWU Rocks (Mariko) posted a note (see below) a couple of days ago (Blog Post 1,000 at ShowaELC!). She suggested getting a nice suntan. Recently this picture has been going around the Internet (BoingBoing). It shows a man who is a truck driver, for 28 years. Drivers in the US get sun on the left side of their face when driving. Over the years, it has lead to a big difference.

So the suntan might be nice this summer, but maybe not so nice later on in life.

Mariko, what do you say about that?

Job offers go two ways

I heard a funny story.  My friend told me that her friend backed out of a job offer because he got a better one from another company. He called HR to tell them his decision and they asked him to come to the office to discuss it. He went the next day and they asked him what he wanted to drink. He said he’d like some water but instead of giving it to him the HR manager threw it in his face! I think this could only happen in Japan…..IS THIS NORMAL IN YOUR COUNTRY ?!


By SWU Rocks

I love AE

American Eagle launches in Japan

Japanese college fashion is so different from its American equivalent. Japanese fashion is so cutesy for girls, but American fashion is so simple.
 American Eagle is one of my favorite clothing brands. It is stylish and a good value for students. American Eagle is launching this month across Japan. I am actually working as an “ambassador” for them. I want people to know about this great brand!
 I guess that American Eagle will change Japanese common sense about fashion. You should check it out! God bless America! 🙂

Talent goes viral

These girls have a lot of talent. Someone (probably a relative) decided to record them. The video has become tremendously popular. We say, “the video has gone viral.” Which means that, like a virus, it is spreading very rapidly from person to person.

Lennon and Maisy are using margarine containers as drums.

英コミhas a couple of microphones like this, and a good video camera. All we need are a couple of students. Do you have a special talent that might go viral?


First seen at the Daily Dish.

Hey,let’s get a suntan ;-)

I wanted to eat outside for lunch and enjoy with friends, but they said “let’s go inside. The sun is too strong!”

 In Japan, girls avoid getting a suntan. They always try to keep their skin white. I watched a presentation by a guy who works for Shiseido which is one of the biggest cosmetic companies in Japan. He said that girls in Japan worry the most in the world about their skin. According to the guy, on average, Japanese people take 1.5 showers a day.
When you go to drugstores you will see advertisements for UV reduction or for keeping your skin clear and white. In the city, you will see that girls use umbrellas on sunny days. My mum and sister also care a lot about their skin. They spend a lot of money on these products. My friends too! Before I went to the US, I thought this was the same everywhere but when I was in the US my American friends loved getting tanned. Apparently in France, getting a tan shows that you had a good vacation! I love getting suntan. I think it is cute. But I can say I am lazy about skin care. I don’t buy expensive creams or use an umbrella in the summer.  So please, everybody come and hang out with me outside this

A taste of France!

Have you ever tried Orangina? What do you think of it? Orangina is one of the most famous soft drinks in France. Actually, Fanta is rare in France because of Orangina’s popularity. This month, French people living in Japan are happy because Orangina has been released here. It is sweet and has some orange pulp which makes it feel more natural than Fanta. Recently I have started drinking it in the morning and I am addicted. I think my face will become orange if I continue :-O

オレンジーナso good 😉

By SWU Rocks