Japan Language Learning Listening Students

動画を見るたった5分で一石二鳥!If You Have 5 Minutes to Watch the Video, You Can Kill Two Birds with One Stone!

-RinaThis is the online video that Peter Barakan who is a broadcaster tells us about culture or custom of the English-speaking world in English. If you have access to TOEIC’s home page and become a member and then log in, you can watch the video. Also you can choose subtitles and change the speed so it is very good for you to prepare TOEIC Listening section. The context appears in order of Britain, the United States, Canada, and Australia and he tells us about music, food or humor of the each country.
It takes only about 5 minutes per topic so we can learn different culture and prepare for listening part in 5 minutes. Don’t you think this to be killing two birds with one stone?