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ナンタケット島Nantucket Island

Main Street in Nantucket
Main Street in Nantucket
・メインストリート: メインストリートは石畳で作られています。
・クジラ博物館: ナンタケットは1700年代、捕鯨で有名でした。この博物館では長期の航海、捕鯨に関する様々な面白いコレクションが展示されています。



Main Street in Nantucket
Main Street in Nantucket
Nantucket Island is off the coast of Massachusetts. Nantucket Island is one of the famous summer resorts in America. There are many summer homes because of the scenery and mild climate.
Nantucket is an offshore island, but it’s not hard to get here. Ferry and Air service provide access to for visitors from all parts of the US and the world.
The isolation kept many of the pre-Civil War buildings. Do you know Cape Cod in American waterfront area in Tokyo Disney Sea? That area was based on Nantucket Island and New York.
 Nantucket has a lot to offer. I’ll introduce some of them.
・Main Street: Main Street were made up with stones.
You’ll find everything from gold jewelry and pearls to beautiful hand-woven shawls and the lightship baskets for which Nantucket is famous on the Main Street. The lightship basket is the most famous souvenir in this island.

・The Whaling Museum: Nantucket was famous for whaling during the 1700’s. The Whaling Museum displays an interesting collection of items relating to the long sea voyages and hard work of chasing and capturing whales.

Nantucket has beautiful scenery, mild climate, and good souvenir so Nantucket is good to travel in summer. If you don’t want to spend hot and humid summer in Tokyo, I recommend to go to the Nantucket island!