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子どもの反応!KIDS REACT!


“キッズ リアクト!”世界中の大人たちが興奮した動画を子どもたちが見た場合のリアクションが見られる動画です。子どもたちは正直で、毎回面白いコメントを残します。簡単な英語なので彼らが何を言っているか、皆さん理解できるでしょう。


-MariaDo you like to use Youtube? I like Youtube and sometimes it becomes really useful item to study English. So I’d like to recommend an interesting video to study English.

It is “KIDS REACT!” We can watch some children react to animation which is get excited from adults all over the world. They are honest so always make a funny comment. They speak easy English and you can understand what they are saying.

If you want to improve listening skills, this video might be good for you. It is also good for just enjoy. Incidentally, I really like this video. Watch it when you have time.