アポロ13号は1つのアメリカの理想を示しているApollo 13 shows one American ideal







 How did you spend this long holiday in May?

I watched Apollo13 in the holidays. Apollo13 was based on Lost Moon written by Jim Lovell who was a captain of Apollo 13. It based on real story.

The film stars are Tom Hunks, Kevin Bacon, and Bill Paxton. The movie won two Academy Awards in 1996 for Best Film Editing and Best Sound Mixing.

I recommend Apollo13. I think it’s a very American movie because the movie reminds us about the importance of cooperation with each other for the goal. I believe that people’s scattered feelings band together toward a noble aim that is American ideal. People who show up in Apollo 13 cooperate with each other over the department for their goal, going back to the earth safely. The U.S has a lot of people who come from many different countries but when something happens, American people unite into one over their positions.

In addition in the story, I want to you to focus on the CG. It was very beautiful in those days. When NASA staff saw launch scene which use the CG, they made a mistake that it’s real movie.