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韓流ブームとテーブルマナーThe Korean Wave and Korean table manners





List of Korean Restaurants in Sangenjaya

-by Maki

A typical Korean table setting
A typical Korean table setting

After the broadcasting of “Winter Sonata” in 2003, “the Korean Wave” which refers to spread of South Korean culture started to come out among old women in Japan and many of them were absorbed in Korean young actors.  Recently, the Korean Wave market has advanced into the young generation and Korean pop music which is more commonly refers to as K-pop has been very popular.  K-pop group, KARA and Girl’s Generation took the 1st and 2nd in the newcomer department of Japanese music chart in 2010.

You can also experience and learn about the culture by eating traditional foods of the country as well as the entertainment.  Especially, South Korea is located in next to Japan and now because of a weak won, it is easy and the best time to go South Korea to eat delicious hot foods.  By the way, do you know about Korean table manners?  These are some manners which are very different from Japanese table manners.  Let’s eat and enjoy Korean foods in the right way!

  • Do not hold the rice bowl or plates in your hand during the meal.
  • Use spoon for rice and liquid foods, such as stews or soups; use chopsticks for other foods.
  • Drink alcohol turning beside if the person who is sitting in front of you is older than you.
  • Okay to mix rice and soup
  • Do not need eat all dishes.

List of Korean Restaurants in Sangenjaya

-by Maki