コロンビア大学の教授は日本に帰化することを決心したColumbia Professor Decided to Be Naturalized as Japanese Citizen


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-by TsukasaDonald Keene, a prince of study of Japanese literature in the U.S., a Columbia professor, 88 years old mentioned that he wants to have the right to permanent residence of Japan by this fall.  Keene explained “I thought the best way to show Japan which I love my gratitude for it is being Japanese.”  He said East Japan earthquake intensified his thought.  He had last class at Columbia University on April 26th and closed 56 years of his life as a teacher.  At the beginning of the class, he said “Today will be my last lecture.  I will be going to Japan.  I expect to spend rest of my life there.  This decision was great surprise for some Japanese, because many foreigners are afraid of radiation.  However other people have written me my decision was given them courage.  I hope this is true.  It is the least I can do for Japanese people who have treated me with amazing kindness for many years.”  I’m proud that there is a foreigner who loves Japan a lot.

NY Times article   Mainichi article Wikipedia Article

-by Tsukasa