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アメリカの次のトップモデルは誰だAmerica’s next top model

「America’s next top model」はアメリカで非常に人気のあるリアリティドラマの1つであり、トップモデルを目指す14人の女の子たちが約3カ月共同生活を送る話である。毎週一人脱落者が選ばれ最終的に残った一人が優勝となる。優勝者には大手化粧品会社との契約や10万ドルの賞金、更には、有名雑誌の表紙を飾ることも出来る。





-by EriAmerica’s next top model is one of the famous reality dramas in America. About 14 ordinary girls who want to be an america’s top model are going to live together about three months. Each week, the one person will eliminated and the person who won the final is the champion. The winner will contract with a big cosmetic agency and can get 10 million dollars. And also she can cover some big magazine like ELLE girl.

Do you know why this TV program is really famous??  First of all, this TV program is produced by Tyra Banks, a very famous model all over the world. Second, candidates are fighting each other and some candidates have problems like too selfish, overconfidence and so on. That kind of girl’s battles make audience interesting.

Now in America, this TV program has finished 15 cycles.  Because of this number, you may know it’s really interesting TV program.

Anyway, if you have a CATV in your house, you can watch this program or you can watch it on Youtube. It’s one of my favorite TV programs too, so please check it!


-by Eri