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ユニクロ、社員全員に英語必須化UNIQLO, all employees are required English


On June 23rd, UNIQLO announced the company’s official language will be English from March 2012. Offices in Japan,documents, and meetings with executives will conduct basically in English.

Yanagii Tadasi, CEO, said ” To survive a Japanese company in the world, the common language will become English,and  we need enhance communication between staffs. As a minimum standards that all staffs can work abroad ,they have to get more than 700 score on international English proficiency test “TOEIC”. The manager, executives and other non-English speaking Chinese staffs will be compeled to take the English training, and transfering overseas will be routine. Also, UNIQLO will increase the recruitment of foreigners, and  is planning to adopt about 300 people on 2011,about 600 people on 2012, and about 1200 people on 2013.